Project Managing Innovation

Organizations Must Innovate

Successful organizations select, implement and optimize projects helping improve how they:

  • Run
  • Grow
  • Transform

Successfully identifying and completing these projects requires...

1: Project Management

We are project managers.

And our experience tells us that using project management methods alone is like juggling with one hand.

This is especially difficult for projects needing...

2: Information Technology (IT) Management

Our clients, like many organizations, need new systems to improve the way they deliver services.

However, the majority of IT projects fail, even when using Project and IT Management disciplines together.

So we add...

3: Change Management

Managing change means helping stakeholders adopt innovation.

Projects succeed by focusing on the process, product and people.

So we...

4: Integrate the Disciplines

We combine Project, IT and Change Management into a single, proven methodology.

Our software ProIntegrate™ supports this methodology throughout the project lifecycle.

See our integrated methodology, ProIntegrate™ or contact us for more information.